What I Demand of the US Government

“We have over a million Iraqi dead. We have over 5 million Iraqis displaced. We have close to 4,000 dead [Americans]. We have close to 60,000 injured. That’s not even counting the post-traumatic stress disorder and all the other psychological and emotional scars that our generation is bringing home with them. War is dehumanizing a whole new generation of this country and destroying the people in the country of Iraq. In order for us to reclaim our humanity as a military and as a country, we demand the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all troops from Iraq, care and benefits for all veterans, and reparations for the Iraqi people so they can rebuild their country on their terms.”

This is a quotation during Winter Soldier by Camilo Mejia, former Staff Sgt. who served one tour in Iraq and refused to return; was court-martialed; and sent to prison. Now out, he is the chairman of Iraq Veterans Against the War. This is what he says IVWA demands.

I join them in this demand.


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