My Small Statment for Peace on the 5th Anniversary

I recently joined a 12-step program for which I participate in a Wednesday night meeting that is an in-depth study of the 12 steps.  To ensure strong commitment, there are rules that one can only miss a few and stay part of the meeting.  Because of this, I chose not to go to the peace vigil the other night on the anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, although I otherwise would have liked to.  There were candlelight vigils in towns all over the San Francisco Bay area.  Nor was there any activism I could find that day on the Stanford campus during finals week.  So my small statement was to wear my Code Pink Women for Peace shirt that day–to my Pilates class (where it got some comment), to work (I wasn’t teaching that day), and to my 12 step meeting.  Paula 


One Response to “My Small Statment for Peace on the 5th Anniversary”

  1. nancy Says:

    I think your statement was not small. You spend lots of energy planning how to meet your needs and protest. Thank you for all that you have done to stop this occupation.

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