Martin Luther King on Poverty and War as well as Race


“Increasingly, [Dr. Martin Luther] King, [Jr.] identified the war in Vietnam as part of a global struggle against colonialism, and black inequality as a function of class inequalities that also affected many whites. Though he opposed the separatism espoused by black nationalists, he had his own view of what ‘integration’ meant: ‘We are not interested in being integrated into this value structure.’ A ‘radical redistribution of economic power’ was needed. ‘So often in America,’ he observed, ‘we have socialism for the rich and ragged free enterprise capitalism for the poor.’

This quotation is from an article called “Dr. Martin Luther King: A Demanding Legacy.”

It includes information about a civil suit filed by the King family.

“In 1999, the King family brought a civil suit in Memphis for wrongful death; after reviewing the evidence in more detail than had ever been done before, the jury ruled that government agencies had indeed been involved in a conspiracy to kill Martin Luther King.”

“Abraham, Martin, and John” … and Bobby … and Iraq ,,, and New Orleans …

What am I doing to stop this?


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