Stop the Torture, Stop the War

I stood with other protesters outside the Park Avenue apartment building where rich Republican David Koch was entertaining Dick Cheney for a party fund raiser today.  We chanted Stop the Torture, Stop the War and carried signs. 

Among those present was my friend Sharon who has recently been arrested for actions of peaceful civil disobedience aimed at getting Congressman Nadler to move on the impeachment of Cheney.  It was good to be with others who are willing to stand up and speak out at this time in US history.  

These are people who know, as I do, that the US system is broken.  It was certainly never perfect, but even the imperfect days of the late 60’s and early 70’s seem idyllic by comparison.  Then, Lyndon Johnson knew there was dissent against the war; protesters were visible and audible from his windows.  Today, we were penned in across Park Avenue and down near the other end of the block from the building.  Cheney must have been spirited in through a service entrance underground, for we never saw him.  We did have the satisfaction of causing considerable numbers of NYPD officers to be on the street to defend him against us.  We meanwhile were there defending the Constitution and the people of the United States and the world against US aggression and torture that Cheney has spearheaded. 

Almost thirty-five years ago, Nixon was not impeached, but he resigned when it was obvious that a vote of impeachment was imminent.  Today, the fact of Cheney’s supervising the plans for torture and Bush’s knowledge and consent to that are known, even bragged about by the perpetrators.  The Congress does nothing.  The regime must have known that the legislative branch would do nothing.  The press is not leading demands for impeachment.  Only a few of us on the street cry out Stop the Torture, Stop the War. 

I ask myself why John Conyers does not insist on impeachment investigations.  He had drawn up a list of over twenty laws Bush had broken before the 2006 election.  Why does Conyers, now chairman of the Judiciary Committee, not act?

Is the entire Congress or at least the majority, in league with the regime?  I can only assume that they are.  Why do the three “main” presidential candidates, all of whom are US senators, not demand select committees and investigations in the Senate?  Again, I can only conclude that they are somehow in collusion with the regime. 

An email came in just as I was drafting this about a conference at which a number of leaders for peace and justice will discuss a new order.  Here is the site:

I pass that along as something I can do.   The World Can’t Wait is also organizing for the remainder of the time through the elections, holding a meeting on the West Coast.  Here is that website 

I stand on the street and cry Stop the Torture, Stop the War. 

What are you doing?


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