Cages Prepared for Citizens As Corporations Prepare Fetes for Congess and Candidates

Here’s a link to an article by Michael Winship that lists corporations holding parties for elected officials at the two major party conventions.  He says:

“There will be more than 400 parties and other events at the Democratic and Republican conventions. Corporations and other special interests will contribute more than $100 million. That can buy a lot of influence. Just a few of the others involved: the Nuclear Energy Institute, Allstate, Wachovia, Union Pacific, ConocoPhillips, Molson-Coors, AstraZeneca, Eli Lilly, Qwest, Target, Staples, SEIU, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Interviewed by the San Francisco Chronicle, Nancy Watzman, director of the Sunshine Foundation’s interactive Party Time Project, which is monitoring convention activity, noted, ‘These are all the same people who have a big lobbying presence in DC, and they all have major issues before Congress and the executive branch.'”

Read the rest of the article here

Is it any wonder that our Congressional representatives and senators do not respond to us when they are so beholden to the corporations whose interests, not the citizens’, are served by the US government?

There are cages prepared for persons who want to demonstrate at the Denver convention of the Democratic Party.   (Click on cages to go to an article in the Colorado Independent about them.)  Does this remind you of Guantanamo and the US gulag?   Citizens will be spied on, reported to state, local, and federal police, listed on secret data bases, and generally deprived of Constitutional rights to free speech, assembly, the right to demand redress of grievances, etc.

But our “elected” officials will be wined and fed by corporations with “major issues before Congress and the Executive Branch.”


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