At the Convention

100_0768.jpg Betsy Rose with guitar, Medea in white pants, Paula between them.

Some readers of this blog might remember entries I made in September 2007 when I went to the DC march against the war and sang with Betsy Rose and Code pink.  Well, Betsy has taken her guitar and songs to Denver and she and the Code Pink folks are demonstrating near the convention hall in hopes of getting more action on ending the war.  On Tuesday 8-26-08,   Betsy is clearly shown several times during a Code Pink demonstration on Democracy Now! It immediately follows coverage of Nancy Pelosi’s speech and a follow-up interview. You can watch or listen to the program at the Democracy Now! website. The show is on for two hours during the conventions and this segment begins around 1 hour and 7 minutes into the broadcast and ends about 5 minutes later. Songs you’ll hear
include: When we make peace instead of war, I sing for the mothers, and We shall not be moved. There’s also a cool discussion between Medea Benjamin and a police officer. Enjoy!               Paula

If you missed the link, click here to go to the Democracy Now site.


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