Failure of Corporate Media to Report on Repression in Denver

Here is a link to the Democracy Now coverage of what observers say was an illegal mass arrest of protesters in Denver.  They report serious violations of police procedure.  As someone who has participated in demonstrations, I am grateful to the legal observers who often attend with cameras and video equipment to record events.  It is chilling to me that most Americans are unaware of these things.  I have the greatest appreciation of Democracy Now, which, unlike the corporate media,  works tirelessly to let the public know the truth.

goodman_gonzales.jpg  Democracy Now: Juan Gonzales and Amy Goodman

If one only saw the traditional media coverage of the DNC, one would have no idea that the police state now emerging in this country was operating to suppress Constitutional rights at the time.

When will we Americans see that repression of dissent is only the first step?  Already many steps toward a totalitarian state have been taken here.

Click here if you missed the link above.


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