Reports of Raids in Twin Cities in Advance of RNC

There are a number of reports of raids on groups who might protest the RNC. The repression is not waiting on events here. Thanks to Bonnie for some of these.

This story orginally on the Twin Cities Daily Planet about a night raid was reproduced on TruthOut. The Daily Planet continuing coverage of numerous raids by fully armed swat teams on private houses where protestors are guests is impossible to update fast enough. Please check that site and go back as things develop.
I was really glad to see their article covering the fearless reporting by Amy Goodman and her team from Democracy Now. I look forward to Goodman’s reporting of the targeting of journalists including some from her organization.

goodman_twincities.jpg Amy Goodman at work in the twin cities.

The hypocrisy of the US dictator rebuking China for police detention of activists ahead of the Olympic games is unspeakable. These raids are clearly meant to stifle freedom of speech and assembly. On one of the videos on FireDogLake, Bruce Nestor, a legal observer and past president of the National Lawyers Guild, states eloquently what these raids are about.

nestor_pastpresNLG.jpg Bruce Nestor, past president of National Lawyers Guild and Legal Observer

I plan to continue to check both the Twin Cities Daily Planet and the FireDogLake sites as things continue.

September 1, 2008

Bruce Nestor and other members of National Lawyers Guild are hard at work to stop the harassment of protest, having filed a motion for a temporary restraining order.  They are hard at work to retrieve material confiscated from journalists and others.  Read more here…

What I don’t know how to do is stop this repression of our rights and freedoms and the continuing abrogation of our Constitution.


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