This Friday, September 12, an Axis of Friendship will arch around the world, from San Francisco to Memphis to Northampton MA, to Las Vegas, to Australia, Canada, Japan- and Iran. People from many faiths, political persuasions, and walks of life will join together in lighting candles in our windows, sending message of peace to and for Iran, echoing their September 12, 2001 candle lighting, in sympathy and support for our 9/11 grief.

The Bush administration, and the McCain campaign, continue to whip up public fear about Iran, while pushing through HR 362 (sanctions and possible Naval Blockade) and covert CIA funding to destabilize and provoke Iran from within.  We, the people, can send a different message to each other, our congressional leaders, and the Iranian people- we don’t want another invasion, attack, and the horrors of war. We don’t want our soldiers stretched to the breaking point, and dying for no good cause, and we don’t want innocent people caught in the cross fire.

You can be part of this Axis of Friendship in a few simple ways. Take a moment dear friends. Let’s stop this war before it starts!

.Sign the petition called “Axis of Friendship: Peace Between Iran and the U.S.” ,    It will be delivered to House Speaker Pelosi and Senator Harry Reid on Friday September
12, along with pictures and letters from children around the country.

.Light a candle for the Axis of Friendship in your window on Sept. 12 all night.  Attached is a beautiful flyer you can display in your window with your candle;  you can also download  it from
.Tell everyone you know around the world to light a candle too.

.Call your congressperson and urge them to withdraw their support for H-Con 362, and work for removal of the Naval Blockade language. (Free congressional main number: 866-340-9281). Register your strong opposition to any attack on Iran, and urge diplomacy.




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