CELEBRATING 30,000 ACTS OF PATRIOTISM: NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative Reaches Milestone

We owe this to Lucille.  All who want to see an independent investigation of what really happened on 9/11 will be interested.


Hello everyone passionate about the 9-11 Ballot Initiative,

We all know the weight of this issue, but we now must celebrate the Great and Remarkable Goal of having gathered 30,000 signatures, and to honor our cause, & to meet others working towards this great goal, AND to look forward to working towards the next massive petition/public education goal for 2008-9 (Signatures gathered are valid, you know­and by next NYC election in Nov. 09, everyone in NYC will know to vote YES­ YES will be everywhere!) so…………

We will gather Saturday, Sept. 13th (11-9+2) in Union Square in the center grassy area, southern end for The Grand Photo Op!!!!!!

In case of rain, we’ll reschedule to Sunday, same time 1pm. If Sunday’s weather doesn’t cooperate, we’ll definitely do the following weekend.

All of us ­15-20-30-50—as many of you as can make this—will hold the big, big banner, grin broadly, take lots of beautiful pictures, and then……….

  • We will break brunch bagels together!  Bagels not bombs!!
  • We gather at 1:00, we do The Grand Photo Op.
  • We eat. We talk. We share….. Then
  • We scatter to the 4 corners of Union Sq and petition­well, those who can stay anyway…
  • It’s a hopping scene on greenmarket day.
  • We hope you can come from all over the city, and from NJ and from Mass, and from everywhere­if only for a few hours!!!!!

We will then send out a press release with this photo, post on a zillion sites, do a YouTube thing to send to friends and relatives, all of whom will want to get involved when they see our smiling faces (let alone learn about our work).

The Plan: to bring easy-to-carry food for yourself and to share, no big baskets and tubs, we can also get all kinds of drinks and extra food in the park and its surrounds.  Some of us can bring towels, sheets, blankets. But make it easy. Bags can then be safely stored under our petitioning table to free hands for petitioning.

Not a bad idea to RSVP so e-mail campaign@nyc911initiative.org with RSVP Picnic in the subject line


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