This from Gwen:

TDF is offering tickets to see “In Conflict” (which is in previews) for $13. If you’re a member. If not, you can see it directly.


This is the synopsis:

In Conflict is a compelling portrait of Iraq War veterans in one of the most controversial conflicts in modern American history. Based on Yvonne Lattys acclaimed 2006 book of the same name, In Conflict captures the unheard voices and unpredictable experiences of 17 Iraq War veterans whose lives have been changed forever. Featuring men and women from all branches and ranks, Republican and Democrat, straight and gay, immigrants and natives, hailing from all parts of the country, these remarkable veterans represent America and its complexity.

Following Culture Projects critically acclaimed World Premiere of George Packers Betrayed, In Conflict explores the Iraq War from the American perspective and asks a different set of questions. What is the nature of patriotism and service in todays America?

The cast of 11, all young actors who have been with the show for its entire journey from Temple University to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland to its Off-Broadway Premiere, are the same age as the majority of todays troops and causalities a generation that is paying the highest price for this war.


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