Expanding War At Home and Abroad

In addition to the establishment of the military unit stationed on US soil (described in the post before this one) and aimed against its own citizens, the US is broadening war abroad.  A post earlier in September notes the invasion of Pakistan.  On October 1, the same date as the start of the US based unit, Africom goes live, too. Read about it in the McClatchy news story you can find by clicking here.  As in Iraq, the real point is probably oil.

The US financial crisis, while real and very troubling, is not stopping the forward march of US military incursions and abuse.  In all the hysteria about Wall Street, there is precious little if any discussion of the disastrous effects on the US economy of the billions spent each year on the illegal occupation of Iraq, the continuing violence in Afghanistan, and the costs of maintaining standing armies all over the world.

When will we say stop?


One Response to “Expanding War At Home and Abroad”

  1. nancy Says:

    Here is a link to an article in Black Agenda Report about both the Africon and the Nothcon projects that threaten the US and the world. Copy and past this address to read the article.


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