My Tax Money Pays for Torture, Death of Civilians, Destruction of Ancient Treasures

A brilliant young journalist tells of life in Afghanistan now after seven years of US inflicted death and destruction there.  You can read about it here.  Scroll down to The Surge that Failed: Life in Afghanistan under the Bombs by Anand Gopal.


A child who has just lost his parents.


Children killed during a US raid.


A father, son, brother.

In all the panic about the world economy, which is in jeopardy to be sure, I do not want to forget that people are suffering and dying at the hands of purveyors of violence and death paid for with my tax money and with a huge debt that my grandchildren will be paying all their lives.  My three grandsons have lived almost all their lives under the Bush regime and during this time of unprecedented US barbarism that is mostly hidden from them and disguised as “national security.”

I want to remember that other women’s grandchildren are being blown up by US bombs, terrorized by night raids on their homes and families, witnesses of atrocities so horrific that they only want revenge.  I want to remember that other women’s children and grandchildren, some captured as teenagers and grown to adulthood in the US gulag, are being tortured as I write.

I want to remember that while I have a home, electricity, water, food, transportation, meaningful occupation, and all that makes life worthwhile, other women have had to flee for their lives to live in conditions I cannot imagine.

While I still grieve for the World Trade Center Towers every time I look out my window and find they are not there, I want to remember that many women grieve the destruction of ancient monuments and artifacts, age old products of the constructive abilities of human beings through the ages.

What can we do to stop this barbarism on the part of the US?  I do not hear anyone likely to be elected to head the regime even talk about stopping this now.  We can.  We can just stop it right now.

I remember when they said we could not just leave Viet Nam.  But then, when the “enemy” took Saigon, there was the hasty exodus of US troops and personnel, that undignified scramble from the roof of the US embassy.  We could have left with dignity years before, showing the greatest of human strengths, that of saying we were wrong.  Instead, we chose to be blind to reality and to have to flee through the roof.  We chose to allow many of our citizens to continue to live in denial of having done wrong, with the sense of injury and desire to “show them” that often result from the inability to say we had done wrong and to change and make amends.

If we had chosen better then, we could be free now. We do not have to relive the past; we can work now to create a better world.


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