Do You Want Peace? Join With Others Who Do, too.

Neither of the corporate candidates likely to win the US presenditial election tomorrow will end the wars of aggression in Iraq, and now Syria, as well as Afghanistan, and Pakistan  in which the US is engaged.  Those of us who want peace have much more work to do.  Chris Hedges, who covered the Iran-Contra war and the Balkan wars, wrote eloquently on this today.

iraqis_protestUS.jpg   Iraqis protest US occuptaion in October

syrian_civiliandeaths.jpg Sirians mourn death of civilians killed by US bombs on 26 October

Peace actions are scheduled the day after the election, Wednesday, November 5, in both New York and San Francisco at 5pm local time, at 26 Federal Plaza in New York and Powell and Market Streets in San Francisco.

There will also be a Veterans Day event in New York on November 11 organized by the World Can’t Wait.

Tuesday November 11 (Veterans’ Day), 7:00 pm
Judson Memorial Church, 55 Washington Square South, NYC

Speakers: Scott Ritter, Larry Everest, Jeremy Scahill, Elaine Brower

TO BUY TICKETS on line click here to get to the site:

Those who prefer to pay via check or cash can call 866-973-4463 to arrange in-person purchase/pick-up of tickets.

Regular Tickets ($10 each)

I cannot forget that my tax money pays for violent death of innocent civilians and destruction of cities, towns, large swaths of the earth.

I will not rest until this illegal orgy of war, torture, and death waged by the US is stopped, Constitutional rights are restored to its own citizens, and the US rejoins the community of law abiding nations.


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