End US Crimes Against Humanity Now


See this in its original post on TruthDig by clicking on the image.

You can also read a review of a book written by an American poet, David Smith-Ferri who has been in Iraq, seeing the children and their parents, siblings, grandparents, neighbors.  The review says in part:

After visiting a bomb shelter that became a tomb for over 400 Iraqis after two “very smart” American missiles slipped into the ventilation shaft and incinerated everyone inside, Smith-Ferri is slammed with an inter-culture shock of such bare-faced enormity that it kindles a sudden dark enlightenment:

My eyes were never meant to see this,
to flare like torch, sudden with knowledge,
like windows, to open on this illuminative dawn,
but like tinder in its box (named American, middle class)
to remain cold, untouched,
and far from flintstone truth.

To read the full review, click here.

Jack sent this link to remarks on the Guardian by an Iranian sociologist who took political refuge in England about what life is like in Iraq.  Trying to help Americans to realize what they have done he writes this about the climate in which the recently negotiated agreement was made:

The pacts went through amid chaotic scenes, by 144 against 35 votes. 19 walked out before the vote and more than 70 didn’t show up. The pacts were nodded through after days of murky behind-the-scenes bargaining between the corrupt leaders of the pro-US sectarian factions within the government.

To understand how freely these pacts have been negotiated and approved one has to imagine Iraqi tanks, led by prime minister Maliki, occupying the lawns at the White House and surrounding Congress while dictating Iraqi terms to Bush and co. The scene outside would include the total destruction of America’s infrastructure, over 10 million Americans killed within five years, one million prisoners, 50 million refugees within and outside the US, mainly in Mexico and Canada, the assassination of thousands of the US’s best scientists, doctors and academics, and the collapse of the health, education and clean water services. After the Iraqi government sows sectarian and ethnic divisions in the country, which al-Qaida terrorists further exploit, giant concrete walls are built to create partitioned ghettos for Irish Cathoics, Protestants, Mormons, born-again Christians, Jews, Muslims, Mexicans, supporters the KKK, and of course communists, for their own protection of course.

Read that complete text here.


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