Peaceful Activists Placed on Terrorist List

Here is a link to an LA Times article that Barbara sent which reveals the details of one known serious breach of the rights of US citizens to protest peacefully against illegal invasion and occupation of other countries and other matters of aggression and injustice. The report says in part:

“Maryland officials now concede that, based on information gathered by ‘Lucy’ and others, state police wrongly listed at least 53 Americans as terrorists in a criminal intelligence database — and shared some information about them with half a dozen state and federal agencies, including the National Security Agency.”

To read the full article click here.


One of the peaceful activists who was on the list.

When one realizes that now that the Military Commissions Act has been passed in this country, anyone declared an enemy has no legal rights and can be disappeared, tortured in the numerous black sites that the US operates around the world, and killed.  No one would even know what happened to them.

I do not hear Obama call for rescinding that act.  What can we do to change this?


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