Torture and Wars Go On

Here is a link to an article in the Guardian about the continuing torture in Guantanamo.  It says in part:

Lieutenant-Colonel Yvonne Bradley, an American military lawyer, will step through the grand entrance of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London tomorrow and demand the release of her client – a British resident who claims he was repeatedly tortured at the behest of US intelligence officials – from Guantánamo Bay. Bradley will also request the disclosure of 42 secret documents that allegedly chronicle not only how Binyam Mohamed was tortured, but may also corroborate claims that Britain was complicit in his treatment.

But first, Bradley, a US military attorney for 20 years, will reveal that Mohamed, 31, is dying in his Guantánamo cell and that conditions inside the Cuban prison camp have deteriorated badly since Barack Obama took office. Fifty of its 260 detainees are on hunger strike and, say witnesses, are being strapped to chairs and force-fed, with those who resist being beaten. At least 20 are described as being so unhealthy they are on a “critical list”, according to Bradley.

Mohamed, who is suffering dramatic weight loss after a month-long hunger strike, has told Bradley, 45, that he is “very scared” of being attacked by guards, after witnessing a savage beating for a detainee who refused to be strapped down and have a feeding tube forced into his mouth. It is the first account Bradley has personally received of a detainee being physically assaulted in Guantánamo.

Read the rest here.

The bombings in Afghanistan and Pakistan go on with more civilian deaths, many of them women and children.  John Pilger reports:

On 22 January, the day he described Afghanistan and Pakistan as “the central front in our enduring struggle against terrorism and extremism”, 22 Afghan civilians died beneath Obama’s bombs in a hamlet populated mainly by shepherds and which, by all accounts, had not laid eyes on the Taliban. Women and children were among the dead, which is normal.   Read the rest here.

I have stood on the street and cried, “No more torture, no more war.”  They go on.  What can those of us who are horrified of this do that we have not done?  Who has ideas that work about how to stop this?


One Response to “Torture and Wars Go On”

  1. No War No Torture » Blog Archive » US Lawyers Defend Prisoners at Guantanamo Says:

    […] She said she was terrified the first day at Guantanamo when she was to go into the cell of Benyam Mohamed.  Yvonne Bradley said that she had been in the cell with convicted serial killers and rapists and had never been afraid, but Rumsfeld had announced that these were the “worst of the worst.”  An officer in the JAG corps, she had believed him.  She had accepted the assignment to defend Mr. Mohamed and she was going to do it, but she was terrified. […]

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