US Weapons Used in Attack On Gaza

Barbara sent this:

“Amnesty International researchers came across many US made white phosphorus artillery carrier shells, and fragments of other US produced weapons, throughout Gaza. We consider the repeated use of white phosphorus in densely-populated civilian areas a form of indiscriminate attack, and amounts to a war crime. Since 2001, the USA has been by far the major supplier of conventional arms to Israel, including government to government as well as private commercial sales. In addition to this trade, the USA has provided large funding each year for Israel to procure arms despite US legislation that restricts such aid to consistently gross human rights violators. Call for a US government investigation into Israel’s potential misuse of US made weapons in Gaza.”  Read more here.  There is also a form for requesting action from Clinton.

US_shells.jpg   White Phosphorous carrier shells

Much US foreign aid, through the Merida and Colombia projects as well as to Israel, is really our tax money spent on weapons and military structure.  Obama voted for Merida.  Clinton gets a lot of support from US arms dealers.  What can we do to stop this use of our tax money?  I signed the Amnesty International petition, but if anyone has other ideas, please let us all know.


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