Action on March 19 in NYC and Around the Country

I plan to take action on  March 19th to end US aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I will be joining others and the World Can’t Wait on March 19th, the 6th anniversary of the US “shock & awe” assault on Iraq which led to the illegitimate, unjust, immoral occupation, has killed a million people, and destroyed a country in one of the oldest inhabited areas of the world, destroying not only its infrastructure, but priceless human treasures.

We will meet at 1pm at Union Square, all who can come are urged to leave work or school to join in this demonstration. 

Then at 5:00 PM, we converge at Times Square Recruitment Center, 43rd and Broadway for the afterwork rush hour. 

Obama is keeping his promises to escalate the war in Afghanistan and to leave US military presence in Iraq indefinitely.  He continues the Bush regime double speak that has left many Americans feeling that he has broken his promise, but actually he always did promise to do exactly what he is doing. 

These actions on March 19th are part of a nation wide effort to stop US aggression.  There are probably peace actions in your area as well.  I urge you to join with others on this dreadful annivesary and to demand the end of US aggression. 

One place to find information is at which is one organization planning actions in several major cities. 

There is a big organization meeting in New York on March 5th, 6:30 to 8:30 PM at Community Church, 40 East 35th Street (between Park and Madison). 

There is also a plan for a march on the Pentagon on the 21st.  I will not be there personally, but information for people who can be is at the site. 


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