Jack Reports on Vets for Peace Rally

Saturday I was at a Vets for Peace and support of Gaza – 2 part rally.

It was really a great opportunity. I had a chance to discuss anti-war thoughts with a group of War Resisters who had come down from  BC in Canada and then spent 15-20 minutes talking to a couple from Finland. I wish we had more international discussions and less with these myopic closed mind folks who are almost an extension  of the Bush “My way or the highway.” I wish they would see us as neighbors in a world instead of top dog in the alley.



One Response to “Jack Reports on Vets for Peace Rally”

  1. nancy Says:

    Jack, thank you for your unstinting commitment to peace and justice. I know you have been working hard for the homeless in Seattle as well as the health care issue. You never, however, forget the wars and our need for peace.

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