Open Letter to Barack Obama

Mr. Obama:

A choice you have is to stop the illegal and immoral occupations and wars in which the US is engaged.  You have the authority to do that today. You can issue an immediate order for all military personnel to return to bases and then return to the US in the speediest possible way.  Of course, all mercenaries should also be discontinued immediately, not to be rehired under any circumstances.   All personnel except small embassy staff should also be returned to the US.

Once back in the United States, personnel can be demilitarized and employed by the government instead to rebuild our infrastructure; convert to sustainable energy; change our agriculture to small, local sustainable units; revive industry in this country; and take on other projects badly needed for the survival of the US and the planet.   Instead of killing people in other countries and destroying their infrastructure, the US can work to make life better for all.

You can do this.  I don’t know what the cost to you personally would be, but you have the authority to order these things.   I urge you in the strongest possible way to do so now.  Continuing on the course of the last years as you are doing is disastrous and will only have continuing bad results for the US and the world.

Please change.

Nancy Vining Van Ness


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