Gaza and Jack: Followed by a Short Dialogue between Jack and Nancy


I have always supported Palestine. People said going here would be life changing. In Gaza I kept waiting for a lightning bolt to strike. It didn’t. Since I returned, I find I am actively pursuing Congressional meetings, writing Gaza support items on email and Facebook, developing Middle Eastern Muslim friends on Facebook to dialogue with, supporting anyone who is making efforts to support Gaza, making group presentations, etc.

But the change is not limited to Gaza. Since returning I find myself more assertive and less demanding. I speak my beliefs boldly, but in the interest of mutual dialogue I am more respectful of hearing what others believe. I am more respectful of life and have an awareness of how fragile it is. I am more aware of the joy of being with people, but equally able to walk away when things are not productive. I was very pleased, after short discussion with a woman in the Social Justice field, to have her say, “It is a pleasure to meet a true activist.”

I know, even at my age, I can on a growth spurt. Ahead, I may level out. At the same time, the more I learn, the more I realize there is much more that I can and want to contribute to.  The good thing is that before, during and after Gaza I have always been blessed with a sense of humor that allows to have fun no matter the Social Justice activity. Que Sera, Sera.

Do I see this as an end? No, at 67 this is just the beginning.

Support Peace for the Children of Gaza and Israel

Jack Smith


In response to a comment on a list email from a third party, Jack wrote:

“only a continum of Israeli war crime” – I know what you mean but I cannot bring myself to use “only” when it comes to the devastation that was GAZA Dec 08 and Jan. 09. What Military on this Earth could be trained and motivated to accept killing women and children like was done then and there.

Nancy rejoined:

I appreciate this very much and add that the US military and the mercenaries employed in US wars are also ruthless in killing women and children.  If anything, the US kills far more of them in terms of sheer numbers.

To which Jack replied:

I thought of that when I posted it but I wanted people to think of another Country.  Isn’t it great that apparently the US and Israel will do whatever necessary to “protect their people.”  Does Hitler come to mind? Interestingly enough all three governments are Fascist.

Nancy said to that:

Yes!  And did you ever think growing up that the US government would be fascist?  In my post war childhood, such an idea was beyond the pale.  Not that the reality even then was so very different from now if we take Mussolini’s definition of fascism which is corporatism.  Eisenhower warned about the military-industrial complex.  It has gotten much worse during my lifetime and exponentially worse in the past thirty years to be sure.

And Jack finished:

That is why blogs are important. People generally don’t want to think about these things let alone act on them.


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