Bonnie’s Report On Drones and Protest

Here is a link to Bonnie’s article about the World Can’t Wait event at Judson Church recently and the callous remarks about drones of Obama at the White House Correspondents dinner.

She heard moving accounts by journalist Dahr Jamail


activist Elaine Brower, whose work is often chronicled here


and veteran for peace and activist Matthis Chiroux, who is seen here on Broadway  in front of the Federal Building the night after the 2008 election, protesting the wars and torture


Bonnie reports:

“Jamail was calling in to the panel discussion from a cell phone, dangerously un-embedded, somewhere presumably in the Middle East. He testified passionately that the United States, building colossal embassy infrastructures over there, had no intention of ever leaving. The promise of drawing down troops and exiting these countries was an outright lie on the part of our administration and military. The Baghdad embassy, for example, is the size of Vatican City, reportedly 80 football fields long. Avaricious corporate imperialism was the driving force of these wars.

“He discussed the stress levels of the troops, many on their fourth and fifth deployments. How could they not be suffering from severe psychological damage? Some become trigger happy. Some become suicidal. Some desert. None will escape this war without severe physical and/or psychic damage. Many will even join the ranks of the homeless.”


“Elaine Brower is the mother of a soldier who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. She spoke of her heartbreaking recognition that her son had been so indoctrinated with demonization of the enemy that he returned to the United States having lost the sense of moral grounding he had been raised with. I recently read The 1870 Mother’s Day Proclamation of Julia Ward Howe and immediately thought of Ms. Brower’s passionate demonstration of maternal tough love and commitment to morality. She spoke out against the glorification of war, the dangerous sentimentalizing of war memorials and ceremonies.”

You can read here about Elaine’s ongoing work to prevent our young people from being recruited and exploited by the corporate backed US war machine.

About Matthis Chiroux, Bonnie reports:

“When Matthis Chiroux finally spoke, the young soldier who had refused to be deployed to Iraq as a conscientious objector, I was awed by his courage and his clear commitment to ending the violence of war in the world. He gave a personal account of his boot camp desensitization training. How young men and women used bayonets and knives even before learning about guns to cultivate their aggression. They would attack dummy victims shouting “Blood” and “Kill!” They were also trained to shoot using ambushing pop-up specters of the “enemy” and would automatically shoot out at EVERY appearance of a faux-menacing, surrogate target. Matthis also revealed that one recruiting station he had visited had a military computer game accessible outside so young people would be softened up for recruitment.”

You can read here Matthis’s statement when he refused to deploy.

Since the traditional media never cover events like these nor much intelligent commentary about things like Obama’s callous statement, it is especially wonderful to have Bonnie’s report, which you can read in full here.


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