Oil and War

There is no doubt in my mind that US aggression is related to oil and to the powerful corporate interests that now control the US government.  This connection explains why British Petroleum, with its record of criminal negligence, continues to drill with the permission of the US government, in places that the US claims to control*.


For anyone not aware of BP’s egregious record, here is a quotation from an EPA lawyer that appears in an article in ProPublica:

“‘In 10 years we’ve got four convictions,’ Pascal said, referring to BP’s three environmental crimes and a 2009 deferred prosecution for manipulating the gas market, which counts as a conviction …”  Read the entire article here.

In addition to that, a little research into the extent of consumption of oil by the US military reveals that it is “the single largest consumer of oil in the world,” according to former IEA official Sohbet Karbuz.

Adding to the insanity of allowing BP, with its track record of criminal activity (not even counting the loss of life it has caused) and waste of oil to continue to operate, there is the insanity of waging costly wars for control of oil producing areas and potential pipeline areas that use so much of that very commodity.  The current evidence of the rapidly encroaching “end of oil” would seem to indicate that careful management of that resource and investment in developing renewable energy sources would be wiser.

Do such wise plans never materialize because of short term gains for the masters of the universe who are now in charge?  Is there some other agenda?

Whatever it might be, it is clearly not good for the homeostasis of the Earth nor for that of its people.



What can we do to change this?

*I say BP is allowed to drill in “areas that the US claims to control,” because more and more I don’t believe that any area of the world belongs to any country, but that the Earth, as the Cochambamba declaration of rights that was presented recently to the UN says, has rights and that the only guarantee of the continuation of life for human beings is to live in balance with the rest of the earth.  No one owns the Earth.


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