Links Between BP and US Agression


The oil sheen is said to be visible from the air as far as the eye can see.

Any sane government would have long ago seized BP, garnered support from world experts and placed the management of this disaster in their hands, including that from the nearly twenty countries which have offered help with the disaster, and monitored all operations closely.  Instead, the US keeps BP in charge and aids and abets the expanding disaster.

Image BP does not want us to see, compliments of World Can’t Wait

What earthly good is served by such policy?  The petroleum needs of the US military and the opacity that surrounds it provide some answers.  Just as this current deepening and broadening economic depression is linked to US wars, occupations, and torture, the powerful and tyrannical relationships between oil companies, British Petroleum first among them, and the US military determine US policy and apparent failure to act.  Indeed, the government is a big part of the problem; it is acting on behalf of BP, not in the interests of US citizens, its land and waters, and wildlife resources, and its impact on other countries and the world.  The corporatocracy always values short term corporate profits over any other value.

Jeff Brady reported on NPR in November of 2007 that “the American military [is] the single-largest purchaser and consumer of oil in the world.”  British Petroleum gives millions to political campaigns, the largest amount in the past 20 years to Barack Obama in 2008, and spends even more millions on lobbying.  No wonder the government fails to take the company to task or intervene in any meaningful way with its operations, to the detriment of the Gulf of Mexico, the people and other living things there, and by extension to other countries and parts of the world that will be affected in ways we cannot yet determine.

So, in addition to everything else, a huge part of our taxes are subsidizing the profits of oil companies in order to provide the obscene amounts of oil that fill the maw of the US military’s aggressions, war crimes, and crimes against humanity.

The World Can’t Wait hosted an emergency summit in New Orleans where scientists and activists met to begin strategies for taking back control of the Gulf of Mexico and stopping the disaster.  You can listen to the

Journalist Dahr Jamail and photographer Erica Blumenfeld put together a devastating essay called Mitigating Annihilation.


Erica Blumfeld, copyright 2010

Here is more about the serious legal consequences journalists risk for doing their work, quoted from Debra Sweet’s blog:

“From Orpheus Reed: On July 3, 2010, the Coast Guard announced the federal government has imposed a new rule that will prevent journalists or anyone else from getting closer than 65 feet to any clean-up operations, equipment or vessels in the Gulf of Mexico without prior permission.  People violating this rule will be arrested and charged with a class D felony.

This rule will mean journalists will be essentially prevented from taking pictures of oiled birds and other wildlife or sea life contaminated or killed in areas where clean-up is being done. It will prevent the world from further seeing the scenes of marshlands fouled with oil if they are surrounded by oil booms, and from taking close-up pictures of oil booms laying ineffectually in the water as beaches are fouled. Now showing the world the impacts of the gulf oil gusher is punishable by jail and a fine of $40,000.”

Read the full text of that blog entry here.


One Response to “Links Between BP and US Agression”

  1. nancy Says:

    This is from Jack:

    I know this will surprise, maybe a shock to you, but I oppose the wars, present and potential. Unfortunately, Obama and our Legislators never ask for my opinion. You may think that is funny, but I learned in the League of Women Voters that they are supposed to represent us.

    Well, in the US, it is all about money. Courage doesn’t have much to do with it. In Ireland, decisions like this are made with the heart. In the US the decision is made with the pocketbook or out of fear. What can you expect when the political leaders of our State are more interested in Boeing’s profits than they are in the morals of building flying Tankers to carry fossel fuel that gives BP more profit so our military can kill people and make profit for the arms industry. Should our jobs be based on the deaths we cause, Call me Black Water. Think I am kidding? Ask Jay Inslee and Patty Murray [members of the US Congress] who sent me letters bragging about their personal accomplishment with these tankers. They [were] couched in terms of jobs but never mentioned the immorality of war.

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