Not for Profit Banking


Eric Cantona

Former French soccer star turned film actor, Eric Cantona called for people to take their money out of banks.  A huge response in Europe led to groups on facebook and such suggesting people withdraw their money on 7 December 2010.  Cantona himself did that, though there were not great runs on European banks.

I had already had my personal account in the Actors Federal Credit Union.  Credit unions are not for profit banks which do not have investors who must be given dividends, no high paid executives, no gigantic bonuses.  Any money that is earned above expenses is distributed to the people who have accounts with the credit union.  These organizations also have nearly no fees.  Actors Federal also has great customer service.


Today, I took all the money out of the dance company account in a bank that is part of a huge European-international corporation.  It had originally been in the Independence Community Bank, a small community bank here in Brooklyn, but during the years since 1995, that bank has changed hands several times.

It was a good day to move the account.

It is more and more evident to me that the wars and torture are inextricably tied to the stranglehold that big corporations, banks first among them, have on the US government.  Here is a link to an article that says nobody represents the people of this country.  While I am not sure I agree with all of this article, I definitely agree with its statement about the failure of elected officials to represent us.

I am doing what I can to live differently, as I work with others to achieve big changes that will mean peace and justice.


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