Veterans For Peace and Others Take Action

Image1-jpg_small.jpg Veterans for Peace chained to the fence

Below is a link to Real News coverage of the action on December 16, 2010 in front of the White House where Veterans for Peace and others refused to be silenced in demanding the end to US wars and the suppression of information and of the rights of those who tell the truth.

This is a link to the Real News video.

There may be a way to show this on this blog, but I can’t figure it out.  Please do click on the link to witness Ray McGovern, Daniel Ellsberg, Chris Hedges, Debra Sweet and others who have been faithfully working to end US aggression and torture and suppression of Constitutional rights for years.  The Fawning Corporate Media, as Ray McGovern calls them, did not breathe a word about this valiant and powerful action.

Ray McGovern and Daniel Ellsberg, side by side in the cause of peace, justice, and the restoration of freedom.


Debra, head of World Can’t Wait, listening to the reporter’s questions and speaking out for peace and justice.


Chris Hedges being interviewed and responding with his customary eloquent intelligence.


2 Responses to “Veterans For Peace and Others Take Action”

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