Close Guantánamo End Torture

The tenth year of torture and abuse of prisoners, most of whom had nothing to do with aggression against the US, begins on Tuesday, January 11, 2011. I continue to work with others to stop these crimes against humanity.  Not able to protest in Washington today, I am coordinating with others from the World Can’t Wait to bring news of that protest and some of the real people who have been irreparably harmed by US torture.

If you want photographs of a few of these real people whose tragic stories are known, you may copy them from an album on my facebook page linked here.  If you have a facebook page, I urge you to join with those of us who are supporting the remaining 173 prisoners and the people protesting in Washington on Tuesday at the White House and the Justice (sic) Department.

If you want to copy  the images directly from this blog, that is fine, too.

I made a contribution to the World Can’t Wait, which has steadfastly since its founding in 2005 opposed torture and illegal wars and invasions and worked to bring them to a halt.  If you can also, the money will help them continue their work.

You can go to the World Can’t Wait website to contribute.

Omar Deghayes_cropped.jpg

Omar Deghayes, held and tortured, losing an eye, sustaining many physical and emotional injuries.  Released without charge after seven years.

Binyam Mohamed.jpg

Binyam Mohamed, said by his lawyer Clive Stafford Smith to have endured “unspeakable tortures”, known to have have his genitals cut, to have been beaten, hung from the cieling, chained to the floor, subjected to extreme cold and noise.  Released when charges were dismissed, having been based on statements made during torture.  Read here the story of his American military lawyer, Col. Yvonne Bradley, and what she learned about the prisoners at Guantánamo and about her country through her experience.

shaker ammer2.jpg

Shaker Aamer, with two of his children before capture, now in complete solitary confinement, not allowed to speak even with guards.  The lone survivor of the four men taken to a black site at Guantánamo, Scott Horton suggests that perhaps what he might say about that night, even to guards, is too dangerous.  An eloquent speaker of English who stood up for his humanity and his rights according to Deghayes and other inmates, many have great fears for him.

Moazzam Begg.jpg

Moazzan Begg, snatched while assisting relief operations in Afghanistan, was imprisoned for three years, much of it shackled and in solitary confinement, only to be released without charge, explanation or apology.  A fluent speaker of English made him, like the others here, a target of more virulent abuse.

The government lied when it said that the prisoners were captured on the field of battle.  As is now conceded by government officials but not widely known, most of the prisoners were sold by bounty hunters and officials of Pakistan who collected vast sums of money which came from US tax payers.  Many of these people were never even near a battle with the US.  Some were actually aid workers.  See the previous post for details from Scott Horton about how the prison was populated.

No country is free that must resort to torture, indefinite imprisonment of poeple without charge, lies to cover up its own lawlessness.  Until Guantánamo is closed, torture is stopped, and those who have authorized it are tried, any claim of the US government claim to legitimacy as a law abiding country is false.  It no longer abides by its own nor international law.


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