Going Forward to Close Guantanamo and Stop Torture

Some of the protesters in Washington will begin a fast until the 22nd of January.  There is a long tradition of fasting protests and some of the prisoners at Guantanamo have engaged in that.  They are brutally treated when they do, having tubes that may or may not even be sterile trust down their noses while they are strapped to a chair (they are, of course, never allowed free movement anywhere).  The tubes are then violently withdrawn, causing pain and sometimes injury.

It is fitting that people have chosen to fast in solidarity and protest with them.

We know now that most of the persons held and tortured in Guantanamo have never harmed the US.  Many in that category are still held there–political prisoners who may not ever be released unless we form a strong movement to save them.

shaker ammer2.jpg Will Shaker Aamer ever see his children again?  Will he manage to preserve his sanity deprived of all human contact?

Today’s public protest is ending.  The work of closing the prison and stopping US torture must continue.


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