An NBC Story About US Torture

I saw this story linked on Information Clearing House, but link it here to its msnbc site.

Saad Iqbal Madni.jpg

“The International Committee of the Red Cross paid for Madni’s treatment for six months after he was released.

“Back home in Pakistan Madni’s ordeal is still not over. He remains under house arrest and needs permission from security officials to leave home and meet with people, even with his own sister.

“Madni’s treatment at the hands of Pakistani authorities is not unusual, Reprieve’s Noon says.

‘”Most Gitmo detainees are kept in jail or under house arrest when they are repatriated because the government doesn’t want to be embarrassed in the media,” she says. Madni had to get official permission to meet with NBC News.”

Notice the NBC headlines:

“‘I wake up screaming’: A Gitmo nightmare
Islamic scholar’s experience sheds light on counterterrorism efforts in wake of 9/11 attacks ”

Though I am very glad that a US corporate medium is showing this story, I find it outrageous that it does not say that this experience sheds light on US torture.   Maybe that is going to follow if the corporate media run more stories like this.

In the meanwhile, we can say torture.   This man was tortured.

And we can tell the stories that we know about the remaining 173 still held at US taxpayers’ expense in Guantanamo.

View the youtube video here.


One Response to “An NBC Story About US Torture”

  1. Dance For Peace » Blog Archive » Another Who Wanted to Teach the Qur’an Says:

    […] Having grown up in the American South, I am acquainted with Christian missionaries whose general education, at least, seemed scanty to me, but whose sincerity was not in doubt.  Was this young man, seized at age 28, somehow like them?  We posted the story of Saad Iqbal Madni, a scholar in the Muslim tradition, imprisoned at Guantanamo and now fortunately released, though continuing to suffer from his long ordeal that you can read about here.  Madni, like those of his tradition, could recite the entire Qur’an.   Apparently, from his remarks, Abdul al-Razzaq Salih could not recite the entire text, but knew some of it.  As many of these prisoners do, he apparently wanted to offer what he could to the Afghans whose society was more religious than some other places. […]

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