Fadil Hintif: Red Crescent Worker in Guantanamo

Emma, whose series Stand Up For Those Who Don’t Have a Voice is posted on her facebook page, sends this:

If the American public knew in depth where their tax dollars and money they invest in their country goes every year how many people do you think would have a problem with this? The fact that our government doesn’t tell us is a problem. And the fact that most of it goes to being inhumane is a bigger one. One of the situations that instantly comes to mind is Guantanamo. Guantanamo being open is costing the citizens way more then we need to be spending on something so horrible. Keeping men inhumanly is costing US.

Fadil Hintif was thirty-two years old when the US captured him. Fadil had great intentions for the world. Setting off from living on his family’s farmland he soon after met a man at a mosque who then asked him if he wanted to go to Afghanistan to help poor Afghans. Fadil, who worked for the Red Crescent (the organization affiliated with the Red Cross in Muslim countries) felt this would be a good chance to do something good in memory of his deceased father.

Information from one of the Unclassified Summaries of Evidence about this prisoner, is reported by Andy Worthington:

“In Kabul, Hintif ‘began living with an individual who previously taught the Koran in Afghanistan,’ and when he asked him how he could help the Afghans, was told that ‘he could either work with the Afghani Red Crescent or he could help distribute food supplies.’ Having decided to work for the Red Crescent, he said that he traveled with the instructor to Logar province, south of Kabul, but stopped his work after the US-led invasion began, when he was escorted to the Pakistani border. There, he said, he surrendered to the Pakistani police, who took him to a prison in Peshawar. He was then transferred to a larger prison in Kohat, and was eventually turned over to the Americans. ”
When the US captured him the only allegation was that they were able to locate his name on a document that was “recovered from a safe house raid associated with Al Qaeda in Karchi, Pakistan.” But that followed to be not reliable. So what else could be another excuse for the inhumane ways of our government? A deteriorated claim that ” Fadil’s casio watch was the same model as one used in improvised explosive devices” in bombings linked to al-queda and radical islamic terrorist groups. Oh come on US!?!

The more stories that arise the more immature the US looks. We need to remember that in any sitution it is NOT o.k. to go about it in a inhumane way. That’s not what America stands for. The more help we have at exposing America’s inhumane and immature ways the more of a chance we have at not letting them know this isn’t going to slide anymore and hopefully making goverment authorities more willing to think about the aftermath and the reactions of its citizens. The more we act like we DON’T notice the more they WILL do behind our back.

The prisoners don’t have a voice so we NEED to speak up for them! Being inhumane is NOT okay! Why wait any longer? -EMMA.


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