Will The US Be Held Accountable for Torture?


Two recent stories appeared that give some reason to hope so.

Lawyer and Harper’s author Scott Horton’s  January18, 2011 article says this:

“Now Australian authorities announce that they believe that [Mamdouh Habib, Egyptian born Australian citizen’s] claims of torture at the hands of Egyptian police are credible and that Habib was transferred to Egypt from Pakistan through a CIA renditions process. They also state that Australian intelligence figures might have been complicit in the rendition to torture and may have been present or close by as he was tortured.”

The brief article concludes:

“With Gillard’s announcement, Australia now joins Britain, Germany, Poland, Spain, and Italy among the nations now conducting formal investigations into CIA renditions operations on their soil or involving their government personnel. Torture allegations figure prominently in each case.”

Read the complete article here.

Andy Worthington published an article today which begins:

“For those seeking accountability for the senior Bush administration officials and lawyers who established a global torture program in the ‘War on Terror,’ involving extraordinary rendition and torture in a variety of secret prisons, the news that the Polish Prosecutor has today accepted the claims of Abu Zubaydah, a former CIA ‘ghost prisoner,’ that he was a victim of extraordinary rendition and secret detention in Poland is enormously significant.”

Read the complete article here.

It may be that the world is finally going to stop enabling and supporting US torture.


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