Ann Wright Reports on Afghanistan


Ann Wright working to close Guantanamo

“The change that I noticed and that was talked about the most by Afghans was the huge increase in U.S. military bases—now over 400. We saw the construction of a huge base just north of Kabul. The high wall on the front side of it stretches over two miles and encloses a large training area. In the shadow of the wall, just across the road in an internal displacement camp, are tens of thousands of Afghans who have fled the fighting in the South and East of the country. They are living in abject misery in small dirt hovels, with no water or sewage and only a few sticks of wood each day to cook a tiny meal. Yet across the road are hundreds of millions—if not billions—of dollars spent on infrastructure for military training and operations. Villas built with the huge profits from the multi-million dollar U.S. logistics contracts to support our military presence are rented back to the international community contractors and non-governmental agencies for $10,000 to $15,000 per month. Yet most Afghans live in poverty.”

This was reported by Ann Wright the former Department of State officer who opened the US embassy in Kabul which had been closed for a decade after the invasion by the US.  Also a retired Colonel in the US Army, Ann was one of three State Department officers who resigned in protest of the illegal US invasion of Iraq.  She has worked since to stop US aggression, torture, and injustice.  I met her at Camp Casey, of which she was Commander and which would really not have existed without her organizational skills and commitment.

In this interview with the Maui Times upon her return from a fact finding tour of Afghanistan, Ann also reported that a US embassy even larger than the gigantic one in Baghdad, Iraq, is also under construction.

She also reported that many Afghans with whom she spoke said “They believe that as long as the U.S. military is in Afghanistan there will be many who will fight against the U.S.—just as they did against the Soviet soldiers—and will destroy the schools, clinics and roads that the United States has built.”

Ann continued:

“No matter what our political leaders tell us about the rationale for the U.S. involvement in Afghanistan, the United States is the latest invader and occupier [in a historic string of them]. Most Afghans in the countryside haven’t even heard of the events of September 11 or al-Qaeda training bases. What they see is another foreign military force in their country killing Afghans.”

You can read the full interview here.

Why is the US still there?  Why do we allow this regime, like its predecessor to continue to spend trillions of dollars of our money on this occupation?  When are we going to demand an end?

Read more about Ann here and here and here.


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