Unconvincing Allegations

The story of Fayiz Suleiman, also from Yemen and alleged to be another of the “foot soldiers,” is murky.  Andy Worthington reports that “Suleiman maintained that ‘he had no military service and he had no desire to serve in such a capacity,’ stated that he was ‘never trained on the use of weapons,’ and ‘denied any connection with al-Qaeda or the Taliban.'”

It is alleged that he worked in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for an al-Qaeda operative and traveled from Yemen to Kabul at some unspecified date.  He is alleged by some unidentified source to have made poisons in Kandahar and that he was a member of an Arab fighting group; allegations which Worthington says are “unconvincing.”

He was seized with other Arabs in December 2001 when he crossed the border into Pakistan and was transferred to the US and ultimately taken to Guantanamo.

One transcript of information, according to Worthington, says that Suleiman “‘identified himself as a trained imam in Jeddah,’ and stated that various sheikhs ‘would frequent his facility to solicit money for other countries and to address jihad.’ He added that the majority of the sheikhs’ talks ‘focused on Chechnya.'”

The “unconvincing allegations” are still enough under US justice (sic) to keep this poor man in the hell of Guantanamo.

If there is credible evidence of his having attacked the US, he should be tried under the Geneva Conventioons.  If there is none, and there must be none or it would have surely been produced, he should be freed.

Can you imagine being captured in a time of chaos and bombing when you are trying to flee for your life, then imprisoned for a nearly a decade and tortured?  This is a human being, not some faceless villain.

Fayiz Suleiman was captured at age 27 and has lost a decade of his life.


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