More About Ongoing Torture at Guantanamo

In an article posted on World Can’t Wait’s website, Torturers R Us: Bringing Civilization to the World by Chris Floyd, we read about the force feeding that prisoners at the US torture camp at Guantanamo endure:

“But as [Scott] Horton [Harpers author and authority on the prisoners at the site] notes, Saleh [a prisoner who died] was also a victim of a particularly sadistic form of torture that is still being practiced — openly, unapologetically — by the Obama Administration’s agents in the Guantanamo concentration camp: force-feeding.

Horton writes:

The techniques do not comply with the international standards for actual force-feeding, established in the World Medical Association’s Malta Declaration of 1991. Instead they have a darker and more distressing progeny. From the use of restraint chairs down to the specific brand of commercial diet supplement used by the doctors, the force-feeding techniques now in use at Guantanamo replicate the methods used by the CIA at black sites under Bush. At the black sites, those methods were not part of any medical regime. Instead, they were a part of a carefully designed torture regime, the very same regime that Obama claims to have abolished in his first executive order.

restraint_chair.jpg Torture chair for force feeding.
Read the entire Floyd article here.


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