Ray McGovern Attacked in Police Custody for Peaceful Act as Clinton Speaks

beating1.jpg     beating2.jpg

Ray McGovern, 71 year old peace activist, after brutal treatment by police.

From the Partnership for Civil Justice website:

“As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave her speech at George Washington University yesterday condemning governments that arrest protestors and do not allow free expression, 71-year-old Ray McGovern was grabbed from the audience in plain view of her by police and an unidentified official in plain clothes, brutalized and left bleeding in jail. She never paused speaking. When Secretary Clinton began her speech, Mr. McGovern remained standing silently in the audience and turned his back. Mr. McGovern, a veteran Army officer who also worked as a C.I.A. analyst for 27 years, was wearing a Veterans for Peace t-shirt.

“Blind-sided by security officers who pounced upon him, Mr. McGovern remarked, as he was hauled out the door, “So this is America?” Mr. McGovern is covered with bruises, lacerations and contusions inflicted in the assault.”

Read the full account from that website here.

I had been moved earlier today by an article Ray wrote titled Recalling the Slaughter of Innocents published on Valentines Day.  It says in part:

“a short passage in Luke’s gospel leaped out at me. Jesus of Nazareth is warning … about what to expect if they remain faithful:

‘“Countries will fight each other … there will be terrifying things coming from the sky. Before all these things take place, however, you will be arrested and persecuted; you will be handed over to be tried … you will be brought before kings and rulers for my sake … Stand firm …

‘“This will be your chance to tell the Good News.’

“I’ve matured to the point where witnessing and risking arrest comes more naturally … and has become even more exhilarating. On the very snowy day of Dec. 16, 2010, when 131 witnesses against war were arrested at the White House gates at a rally arranged by Veterans for Peace, 42 of us insisted on standing trial.”

He goes on to say that they were dismissed.  I don’t know why this brutal assault on him today.  Except, of course, that he will not be silent.


Here he stands with Daniel Ellsberg chained to the White House fence in protest on December 16th last year.

Ray.jpg  And here he is, the learned and respectable man who devotes his life to making this a better world.  I have heard him say many times that he is doing this work for his grandchildren, which always moves me because that is what drives my activism as well.

You can read about the many contributions of Ray McGovern to bringing about a better world on this blog  here and here and here among others.

I will join with others in expressing outrage at such brutality to anyone who protests peacefully and demand an apology and dismissal of all charges against Ray McGovern.  Will you also?

Ray says he wants to be on the right side of history.  He is.


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