Jack’s Open Statement to the Current Administration

Frankly, I am having trouble supporting the administration to the extent I am looking toward a Progressive in 2012:

Briefly my objections are:

  1. The unnecessary Wars.
  2. The Use of Torture.
  3. The unjustified FBI attack on Activists in MN and IL.
  4. The medical Reform is totally inadequate and slanted greatly toward the Insurance Industry.
  5. The unnecessary tax Cuts for the Super Rich.
  6. The unclear position on Social Security.
  7. The obscene position against Palestine in favor of the murderous actions of Israel.
  8. The failure to take a clear definitive position in Wisconsin and the other state capitals which are seeing resistance to budget cuts and union busting.

I have more objections, but I won’t bore you. Let me say that since the time I supported Obama he has been on a non-stop road to destroy my support. I guess it can be said that I am part of the base that he has turned his back on. We are pretty transparent so it is safe to say he did it on purpose as if we do not matter. I feel differently.

Support Peace for the Children of Gaza and Israel
Jack Smith
Loose Canon Law – Shooting Straight
9728 – 3rd Ave NW -  Seattle, WA
206-321-4815 – erie1917@gmail.com


One Response to “Jack’s Open Statement to the Current Administration”

  1. nancy Says:

    Eloquently stated by a person who doesn’t just talk, but gets into the streets to show his resistance to the wars, torture, and corporate empire. He went to Gaza to see for himself what his tax money pays for. You can see accounts on this blog of the many things Jack does to resist the depredations of the US government at home and abroad and to bring about a better world.

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