He Has a Bad Back

Khalid al-Qadasi is another Yemeni who says he was seeking medical treatment in Pakistan, where he was seized and sold to the US.  His “Unclassified Summary” from the US authorities at Guantanamo, as reported by Andy Worthington,  says “he claims that he is willing to spend the rest of his life in prison and has emphatically stated that he would rather die than answer questions.”

After years of torture and interrogation, the US has brought no charges against al-Qadasi.  There are, as frequently, unidentified sources who allege he was a mujahideen, but there is no evidence of his having been.  The US alleges he had been a member of the army in his native Yemen when young and went to Afghanistan in July 2001.
For himself, Khalid al-Qadasi is reported to say, he “left Yemen for Pakistan to obtain medical treatment,” and he “never possessed any weapons in Afghanistan, as he was unable to fight due to his bad back.”

I join my voice with all those who demand that Khalid al-Qadasi be freed now to go wherever he chooses.


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