Glenn Greenwald Tells Chilling Truths

This from the transcript of an interview on Democracy Now! with lawyer Glenn Greenwald about the situation with Julian Assange:

“But what is so interesting about this is that the reason [Julian Assange is] contesting the extradition so vehemently is because what he fears most is being turned over to American authorities. And interestingly, I’ve spoken with a lot of people who have been involved in WikiLeaks, both previously and currently, and all of them, to the person, no matter what their nationality is, the thing they fear most is ending up in the hands of the American authorities and in the American, quote-unquote, “justice system,” which is really quite telling that that’s now the great fear that people around the world have, given that, as foreign nationals, they know that when things like national security is involved and threats of secrecy are involved, they end up in black holes, where they’re denied all justice. And so, that’s what’s driving Assange is the fear that he will end up in the hands of the American authorities.”

Here is the link to the report on Democracy Now!


Greenwald himself has been targeted by powerful internet “security” firms for speaking out about the legal issues in the case of Assange and Wikileaks.  He defends their rights as journalists to find out and publish the truth.  Ironically, Greenwald says that those companies had been circulating via email “some very nefarious, threatening and probably illegal measures.”

Read the entire transcript and see the segment here.

I know even more acutely now from working on the stories of the remaining 172 prisoners in the Guantanamo torture camp, that the fears Glenn mentions are founded on facts, on what the US has been doing for the past decade with apparent impunity.

It is imperative that I speak out against these crimes against humanity by a now lawless US.  It is good that a few people like Glenn Greenwald, Juan Gonzalez and Amy Goodman are working in the media as well.


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