A Letter From Japan


Can we really believe that these tattered buildings are protecting the world from radioactive material?

Via Jack:

Megumi Miyata, a Japanese citizen, he has sent to friends a message that has touched us. We reproduce below translated and we ask, please, spread it as Megumi says: “Please change the world”:

Dear Friends,

For all the blessings and love, for your willingness to help and pray, I feel a great gratitude to you all.

I just received a message from a friend who has information of a Japanese army officer. Said that the Fukushima nuclear plant’s nuclear reactor had begun to melt and that there is nothing you can do to prevent the explosion, all you are trying to do is simply delayed.

There are four or five times in Fukushima nuclear fuel in Chernobyl, and what makes this situation worse is that Fukushima has six reactors next to each other and the third reactor is used as MOX (mixed oxide) containing plutonium and as you know the plutonium has a very high radioactivity.

What I mean is that, please do not waste this opportunity.

True, there are many reports circulating in Japan right now, a lot of allegations and rumors. It costs a lot to figure out what is really true. The TV says one thing and see another newspaper. There are e-mails and mobile messages warning about new earthquake warning. And the electric company does not inform us of the truth in time. All this confuses and exhausts us and the worst could be that people fall into a panic.

But the fact is that the danger we are facing now is yours as well. If the explosion occurs, the radiation would spread throughout the world by sea, food, air …

The disaster at Three Mile Island in 1979, Chernobyl in 1986, humans did not learn the lessons that cost us so much. A Japanese proverb says: “After swallowing you forget that burn.” Means that when food is burning through your throat feel the pain and say no more … but after a moment we forget as if nothing had happened and took another bite that burns.

I heard there was a protest in Germany against nuclear power plants. Please follow.

If we all can not learn the lesson of this disaster will cost the planet. Please do not waste your time. If you believe that the Japanese need help, there is something we can do:

Please make a difference!

We said “No more Hiroshima and Nagasaki,” and we Japanese, the only country to have suffered atomic bombings, we are faced with this human disaster once again.

Natural disasters can not stop, but the human disaster if
we can stop. It is time. Do not you think?

With love and hope



One Response to “A Letter From Japan”

  1. nancy Says:

    Many thanks to Jack for passing this letter on. How can we make a difference? It will not be by blogging or talking among ourselves. It will only be when enough of us are willing to take actions.

    Are we? Will we leave the comfort of our houses and our normal lives and take actions? If we will, things can change.

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