He Gave False “Confession” Under Torture; Still Held in Prison

At one of the kangaroo courts in Guantanamo:

US Military Officer:   Who forced you to say things?
Obaidullah:    Americans
US Military Officer:   How did they force you?
Obaidullah:    The first time when they captured me and brought me to Khost they put a knife to my throat and said if you don’t tell us the truth and you lie to us we are going to slaughter you.
US Military Officer:    Were they wearing uniforms?
Obaidullah:    Yes … They tied my hands and put a heavy bag of sand on my hands and made me walk all night in the Khost airport … In Bagram they gave me more trouble and would not let me sleep. They were standing me on the wall and my hands were hanging above my head. There were a lot of things they made me say.

The above is the transcript statement (with Board Member changed to what it really was US Military Officer and “Detainee,” which should be at worst Prisoner, but better the person’s name, in this case Obaidullah) of a hearing at Guantánamo where US military officers interviewed the prisoners.  Not legally courts, these have been used by the US to review prisoners’ status and keep many of them still imprisoned.

It is good I can’t find photographs of prisoners hanging by their wrists.  Neither you, readers, nor I want to look at that.  The prisoners now at Guantánamo have been treated like that by personnel and in places paid for with our tax money.

Torture is illegal according to US and international law, but the US does it.  Worse, thought it has tortured Obaidullah, and anything he said under torture is worthless, the US still holds him at that hellhole prison.

Obaidullah, captured at age 22, was tortured and said whatever he needed to say to stop the torture.  According to Andy Worthington’s account, Obaidullah was never accused of attacking US forces and he made it clear he came up with false confessions under torture.

Obaidullah must be released and indemnified immediately.


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