“We’ve heard this all before.  Same story, different war”

“Libya for Libyans, not for Wall Street Dividends”


Times Square Recruiting Center

So we chanted as we held up signs and marched around in the plaza in front of the recruiting center on Times Square.  It rained, sleeted, and snowed before we left.  Do I really protest in bad weather as much as I think or do I just remember the ones in bad weather?  At least it was not raining bombs on us, as it is on people in Libya.

“Pentagon bombs fly.  People die!” was another of our chants.  The death in Libya by US bombs of children has been reported.

War is never good, war is never helpful, and US wars are never about humanitarian issues.  Libya has the most oil of any African country.

There are also the constitutional issues.  There has not been a US declared war in my entire life, though the US has been almost continually at war during my 65 years on the planet.  Presidents before Obama have at least consulted the Congress, which is the body that is supposed to declare war.  This president did not bother even with that formality


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