Khalid al-Dhuby Wanted to Train but not Fight

Khalid al-Dhuby, from Yemen, was one of a number of young men, he was twenty years old at the time, who went to Afghanistan because he had seen films of atrocities in Chechnya by a man he met at his local mosque in Yemen.  He declared that “he wanted to train, but not to fight,” according to documents Andy Worthington reports on.

He did travel to the camp in Afghanistan at al-Farouq in late July 2001, but he never intended to nor is there any evidence of his having done any violence to anyone, least of all the US.  He had no idea that there was a war going on at all when the camp closed a month and a half after he arrived there.  He was moved to a farm and then to a cave near Tora Bora.  The first indication he had of a war was going on when when bombs were dropped on him and his companions.  He spent time hiding in caves to evade bombs, but declares that he never fired a shot at anyone.

Fortunate not to be killed or injured as many of his companions were, Kalid was dreadfully unfortunate in being seized by Northern Alliance soldiers, imprisoned in Kabul and then sold to the US.  He was moved to Guantanamo and tortured, though there is no evidence that he is other than who he says he is.

Khalid al-Dhuby’s definitive statement is that he “wanted to train to protect himself and his family as well as defend his country.”   The US has never presented any evidence that he is other than exactly who he says he is.

Justice demands that Khalid al-Dhuby be released now to return to his family and his country.


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