Insights from a Released Prisoner

Here is a link to an interview with a French citizen who was tortured in Guantanamo.  It is the stories of the released prisoners that give us an idea of what their experience was like.  Khaled Ben Mustafa is a French national who was in Afghanistan at the time of the US invasion and fled to Pakistan to avoid US bombing, but was seized there and sold.  Below are a few of his remarks about his experiences.

Khaled Ben Mustapha.jpg

“I decided to go to Afghanistan in order to live under shari’a. At that time, I judged that the Talibans represented this Islamic state. My approach was to see with my own eyes what an Islamic state was, bearing in mind that I am convinced that Muslims should live under the Muslim command, the Law of God.”

Like a number of the men in the torture camp,  Khaled Ben Mustafa was in Afghanistan to experience life in an Islamic state.

“The Pakistanis sold us. When I say ‘sold’, it literally means ‘sold’. There was a financial transaction. Many among us saw cash money flowing from the Americans to the Pakistanis. Each time they would hand over a person, the counter part was money.”

Of course, they could sell them because the US was willing to pay.  The US dropped fliers all over the area offering money for prisoners.

About the trip to Cuba, Khaled Ben Mustafa says:

“We were in planes, chained, blindfolded with masks on our mouths and anti-noise headphones. Our flight must have lasted 20 hours from Afghanistan to Cuba. We stopped somewhere but we do not know where it was. During the whole trip, we were beaten up. We were kicked, beaten with a stick…”

All the prisoners report the horrors of the flights.

About the torture camp at Guantanamo, he says:

“In Cuba, the welcoming was… Torture carried on, probably until today for those who are still over there.”

It is indeed possible that some if not all of the remaining prisoners, even those who have been declared by US tribunals and judges to constitute no threat to the US, continue to be tortured.  Until the camp is closed and the prisoners have been freed, I cannot be sure that they are not being tortured.


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