Hunger Strike Against Indefinite Detention

Here is a link to the Jason Leopold’s article about the hunger strike at the torture camp at Guantanamo.  In particular I call your attention to this part:

“Bradsher [Tanya Bradsher, a Department of Defense spokeswoman] said, ‘Detainees will hunger strike for various reasons, but most consider it a way to ‘stay in the fight,’ a line of reasoning that serves to perpetuate the myth peddled by the Bush administration that all of the individuals imprisoned at Guantanamo are the ‘worst of the worst.’

“The DoD’s own files on the detainees released by WikiLeaks last Sunday showed that a vast majority of them were innocent and were sold to the US as bounty.’

“Far from being an effort to ‘stay in the fight,” the hunger strike detainees waged was simply a way for them to protest the conditions of their confinement and the executive order signed by Obama creating a formal system of indefinite detention.”

The article included this photograph of Fayiz al-Kandari, a Kuwaiti aid worker, who lost 20 pounds taking part in a month-long hunger strike to protest his indefinite detention and conditions of his confinement.

Fayiz al-Kandari.jpg

Read the complete Leopold article here.


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