A Newspaper With Courage and Wisdom

Jack sent clippings from the Seattle Times.  I quote below from an editorial of April 27, 2011, titled, Close Guantanamo under “The Newspaper’s view”:

“The US legal system refused to endorse ersatz proceedings contrived to prosecute people for whom no credible charges or evidence could be found.  They stayed [172 of them still stay] locked up and out of sight, though no new prisoners were sent there after 2007.

“Close Guantanamo.  If the US has evidence against the remaining detainees [sic], bring them to this country and put them on trial.  Otherwise the reality of preventive detention will only certifiably produce that rage that invites acts of retaliation if they were ever released.

“Tortured legal thinking that creates and sustains the prison known as Gitmo could haunt this country in ways we dare not imagine.

“Hold our enemies accountable with the laws and protections that have served our country for more than two centuries.”

I personally would include among our enemies the US officials who created this prison and broke US laws to do it.


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