Do You Mean Animals?

Recently, several times in the past week, I have been asked if my vivid orange No Torture button is about animal torture.


Certainly I am  opposed to the torture of animals, but it always surprises me in the US that the torture of human beings does not come to mind first.  I always say that I am indeed opposed to the torture of animals, but that I wear the button to bring attention to the need to stop US torture of people.

Are people in this country so much in denial that they “forget” that the US has an ongoing policy and practice of torture?  Do we think that it stopped, despite evidence to the contrary?

Though I don’t believe that the people who speak to me are among them, there are people in this country who think the US should torture certain people.   That is scary to me.   However, I am more afraid and profoundly discouraged by the much greater numbers of people who are oblivious, who choose at some level not to think about this, probably in order not to have to take responsibility for doing anything.


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