Seattle Church Campaigns to Free Quantanamo Prisoner

Here is another of the clippings from Jack, this one from the Real Change print edition dated April 20-26, 2011.  I want to say first of all that it is really good to see them write the word Prisoner, instead of the US government euphemism.  I quote liberally from the article:

“Adnan Latif [whose story is related here on this blog] was arrested near the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan in 2001 after the US invasion, his lawyer said, and his life has been a living hell ever since. …

“In August 2010, a judge ruled there was no evidence that Latif, orginally from Yemen, had ever raised a hand against the United States and ordered his release.  But the Obama Administration has appealed the order and is fighting to keep him locked up.

“Local activists are now fighting back, hoping to free a man they say is not only innocent but mentally ill, the result of an earlier accident, or perhaps, incarceration.

“‘I’m outraged that he’s being so badly treated and there’s no justification for it,” said Betty Blakney, co-chair of the University Temple Methodist Church’s social justice committee.


Adnan Latif

According to the article by Cydney Gillis, staff reporter, the members have taken up a letter-writing campaign.  Gillis continues:

“Latif  first came to the attention of the University Temple community after several church members attended a workshop on torture at Garfield High School on Martin Luther King, Jr. day.

“Professor Mayerfeild [political science professor at the University of Washington]  led the workshop and raised the idea of  churches ‘adopting’ a prisoner by writing letters.”

The church members took the idea back to their parish where it became a project.  As readers of this blog will recall, Adnan Latif was injured in an automobile accident and was sent from his native Yemen to Jordan for an operation.  It was only partially successful, so he went from there to Afghanistan where he was told there was free medical help.  He, like many others, was sold for bounty trying to flee from Afghanistan into Pakistan after the US invasion.  Read more in the blog entry on him here.

Adnan Latif’s lawyer David Remes said this prisoner, like so many, has been cleared for release, yet is still in the prison at Guantanamo, where he reports continuing serious mistreatment.  Remes is quoted in the article as saying:

“It’s incomprehensible they’re holding this poor man and that [the Obama administration is] continuing to fight for the right to hold him.”

I am very glad to see the members of this church are doing for him what they would want someone to do for them and what should be done for any human being by all of us.

Thank you again to Jack for these clippings.


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  1. No War No Torture » Blog Archive » Idris Qader Idris, Teacher of the Quran Says:

    […] I also worry about the apathy of many of us who can’t be bothered to do anything to help Idris Qader Idris and the others who have been tortured and are still in Quantanamo, even though our tax money pays for this treatment of him and his fellows.  What has become of us as a people?  Please read again the post on this blog about people in a church in Seattle who are doing something to help these prisoners.  Please do something yourself. […]

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