Idris Qader Idris, Teacher of the Quran

Idris Qader Idris, from Yemen, is another religious young man who answered the call, this time from the imam Mohammed al-Qadi of the al-Khair mosque, to go to Afghanistan to teach the Quran.  He went in April of 2001 to Kabul where he did teach the Quran for about eight months .  He says he never fired a weapon of any kind and had no intention of fighting anyone in Afghanistan or indeed anywhere.

Once the US invaded, as many foreigners as well as Afghans did, he fled the bombing.  He was captured by bounty hunters as he tried to get to Pakistan with a group of other foreigners.

Once more, the US claims there are allegations about his ties to bin Laden or one of his associates, but since these claims were no doubt elicited from another prisoner under torture and are completely unsubstantiated, they would never hold up in a real court.  Idris Qader Idris is none the less held without charge.  See more details on Andy Worthington’s site linked here.

I imagine the outrage of many in the US if a young Christian missionary who went abroad to teach the Bible were captured, tortured, and imprisoned for nearly a decade without charge or recourse.  Yet, some of the same people applaud the treatment of this young Muslim, Idris Qader Idris, who went to another Muslim country to teach the Quran.  He was not, as many Christian missionaries do, trying to convert people from other religions, but just teaching the Quran to people who are already Muslim.

I also worry about the apathy of many of us who can’t be bothered to do anything to help Idris Qader Idris and the others who have been tortured and are still in Quantanamo, even though our tax money pays for this treatment of him and his fellows.  What has become of us as a people?  Please read again the post on this blog about people in a church in Seattle who are doing something to help these prisoners.  Please do something yourself.


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