More About US Use of White Phosphorous in Afghanistan and Iraq

Here is a link to a story about the use of white phosphorous by the US in heavily populated areas.  This chemical weapon “burns upon coming into contact with human flesh; it sticks to the skin and continues to burn as long as there is oxygen. The result is severe and possibly lethal chemical burns.”

It is sadistic as well as illegal. These images are almost too painful to behold.

From The Reality of Life in Afghanistan, a child alleged to be burned with white phosphorous.  Read the article linked above.


From the fatalities caused by the rain of white phosphorous thrown by US troops on the civilian population of Fallujah in Iraq.  See story here.

The US can try to deny that it uses white phosphorous on civilian populations, but marines who fought in Fallujah and spoke at Camp Casey said that they were ordered to and did launch massive amounts of it onto that city.  I doubt that US police has changed.

The US does not hesitate to use drone attacks on civilian populations and will not likely quail at other weapons on innocent people either.
No more war and no more torture.


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